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Spray Tan

Sunless Organic Tanning

100% Vegan/GF/Organic


Express Tan $55


  • Exfoliate thoroughly oil-free scrub 24 hrs before tan

  • Wax 2 days prior/shave 24 hours prior appointment

  • The night before, apply a non-oily moisturizer. Do not apply any moisturiser on the day of your spray tan

  • Do not apply lotions, deodorant or make-up as these will interfere with the tanning solution

  • Wear loose fitting dark clothing, open sandals and dark underwear or swimsuit on the day of spray tan

  • Take basic shower the morning of your spray tan. Use soap only.


  • Book your appointment 2 days before event

  • Don't apply makeup or cosmetics for at least 8 hours after appointment

  • Stay away from moisture, including working out, sauna and pools

  • Take shower 8 hours ( but no more then 12 hours after your spray tan)

  • Use oil-free fragrance free moisturizer

  • Don't exfoliate until you are ready to take off your spray tan

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